Duplicate and Draft Email Templates

Why It Matters?

Duplicate Email Templates -

  • Now the user can duplicate any existing template and after making changes the template can be reused.

  • As we have released the new email template editor i.e. Advance Editor, If you have created any template and want it duplicated then it is now possible !!!

  • This will save the users from creating the whole template again and just reusing the duplicate one.

Draft Email Templates -

  • Users can also save a template as draft and can later publish it. Draft templates will not be visible on the template list while sending Email.

  • This feature will help the user in saving the template earlier itself as draft and later on editing and then publishing the template for their purpose in future.

  • They can also save templates as as draft which are not currently in use and are to be used for future purposes.

How it Works:

There is an option on the template editor to save a template as Draft. Clicking on the save as draft option, validation will check for current validations, if valid it will save the template as draft.

Status of the template will get displayed as draft on the Email template list. Draft template can be published later. Draft templates would not be visible on the template list until they are not published.

The Copy/duplicate option will be available on email templates listing on a single template. Clicking on the option will open the same editor as of the template and show the content of the template, it will carry forward only the subject and the body of the main template. If there are attachments to existing templates they also should be carried forward. Based on the template user can create a new template by modifying the existing template content and also adding a name, once saved the new template will be created. If the user cancels the operation after moving to the new template screen the template will not be created.

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