ChatBot Feature Updates

Chatbot has enriched with new enhancements and features for our customers .

Change Lead Status from Chat List :

How it works :

The option is similar as the current change status option opened by clicking on the status. On the tabs ‘Online Users’, ‘Past Users’ when the lead card is expanded to view lead details, status is visible.The status is clickable, on clicking the right-side panel will be open to change status.

Change Live chat status from Offline/Online from CRM :

  • Showing this button will be configurable on a domain level based on the flag. By Clicking on the button will make the user online and start receiving chats.

  • If the user is online and the user tries to click on the chat button, a confirmation popup displays asking whether to make it offline, if clicking on yes user will be offline.

  • This button is visible only if the allowChat is set as true for the user. If any chats are ongoing and the user clicks on the button, a confirmation popup asking that making offline will end all chats to be shown, if the user clicks on Yes. All ongoing chats to be ended and users to be made offline.

Chat Assignment based on ownership for existing leads :

How it works :

Chat assignment approach for existing leads is changed now. If an existing lead comes online it will get assigned to the lead owner even if the lead owner is offline or manually makes himself offline through a new button . If the chat is not answered then lead transfers to an active counsellor .

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