Web Analytics

Here’s what you can find in this ExtraaEdge Web Analytics release:

Web analytics gives indicators to take relevant actions on communication & marketing.Website Tracking will help to focus on those leads tracked on the basis of some events like clicks, video watch, links click, time spent, visits/revisits, downloads, etc.

Why it matters -

  • Web analytics provides users an effective method to target qualified leads and nurture via the right communication channel. This helps the marketing managers and counsellors to take necessary actions for leads whenever required

  • Qualified leads can be identified based on events like clicks, videos played, time spent, visits, downloads, etc. on the website. For an Instance, you can filter out from your data, those students who has spent more time on your website as this is a clear indicator of leads converting into prospects

How it works -

  • On your Website Page there will be some tracking events implemented like : Clicks, button click, video play, etc. as soon as a lead comes from the website page in CRM there will be a new funnel called 'Last Online' those leads will get stored in that funnel.

  • Based on the Tracking event a website activity will create for such leads and tracking parameters like click, time spent, page views of website will be captured for new as well for repeat users. Session Activity will help us to know the details information of lead like there location/IP browser pages visited by that particular lead.

Please find the attached image which shows web analytics activity :

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