Counselor/Admin level Segmentation for all customers

With this new feature now we can run a segment for counsellors and administrators depending on the next action date and lead activity. Without logging into the platform counsellor will get the idea of what needs to be done.

Why it matters:

  • This Feature addresses the common issue of not getting any action related updates without logging into the platform. The counsellor and admin will get Reminder SMS/Email communication for their next activity & milestone.

  • They will also get Escalation SMS/Email communication if the missed any activity. Notification will be given to user by SMS/Email depending on lead status.

How it works:

Communication Type can Only Email, Only SMS, or both Email or SMS.

Dependent Segmentation added for all users

With this new feature, now we can run a dependent segment for leads. Previously there was no communication fired to the lead after the first segment’s response. Now with this feature counsellor can run a segment depending on the previous segmentation responses up to level 3. I.e. Three dependent segments can be added depending on the responses received by Email/SMS communication.

Why it matters:

This Feature enhances our existing segmentation feature for better automatic lead management using updates and communication triggers run by the dependent segment.

How it works:

  • Like existing segmentation, the dependent segment also gives two ways :

1. Immediate communication

2. Number of Occurrences

  • Add, Edit, Remove these operations can be performed on dependent action. Currently, Email/ SMS communication is Considered for this feature.

  • Refer to the screenshots for more details.

Add dependent segment -Action 1

You can add Action up to level 3

Edit Dependent Action : Refer above S.S

Remove dependent Action : Refer above S.S.

Click on Remove Action. As it is dependent Removal flow Action 3->Action 2-> Action 1.

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